Sustainable Workplace Wellness (S2W) is a methodology created for  “a peaceful space inc.”  S2W focuses on interior environmental quality and sets guidelines for strategy, design and project implementation. S2W is grounded in research, proven successes, knowledge and experience. S2W methodologies can be applied to schools, commercial properties and homes.

Services include:

    • healthy workplace strategies
    • active collaboration with project teams
    • program development
    • custom toolkits
    • healthy buildings certifications administrative support


Indoor Air Quality

S2W methodology may include construction practices and occupancy behaviors, interior design, cleaning practices, and continuous monitoring and measurements.


Natural Lighting

Because natural lighting contributes to wellbeing and productivity, our S2W methodology provides effective ways to optimize access to daylight and effective use of interior lighting and reflective design.

General Comfort

General comfort solutions trend toward customization. The S2W methodology may include thermal comfort, noise pollution, visual design, and other human-centric parameters.


Case Studies

Building Certifications Project Support, Healthy Buildings Program Development


Think Tank

Curated and authored articles and posts


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